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I am constantly exploring ways in which I can put my skillset to the service of brands who work with our Planet and People as number 1 Stakeholders. 

I believe nothing can describe my work ethics and the passion I put in what I do better than how my manager (Ciao Teo) laid it out in my latest career assessment:


“By championing with a contagious pride our company values everyday Alice has not only positively contributed to the restructuring our our business fundaments and assets, but was also able to project a strong a trustworthy image towards our clients. Her maturity and emotional stability, combined with a proactive attitude, have played an important role in our company growth compared to last year, as she proved able to take the lead on big responsibilities with confidence and conviction. We can trust Alice to consistently take the best decisions for the brand, putting the goals of the brand ahead of the individual with a sense of purpose.”

I think that sums me up quite nicely. 

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