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Seeking for ways to turn a global crisis into an opportunity for systemic progress, Matteo, Victor and Silvia quit their corporate jobs in fashion and created WRÅD - a brand and community working to catalyse the rise of a new order of sustainable action.
I created a series of manifesto campaigns to be released in the course of a year introducing WRÅD's ethos and purpose (to challenge the status quo) to a growing group of likeminded individuals. WRÅD is the synthesis of the words RAW and RAD - the campaigns visual direction and tone of voice was built on these two words and spoke to a young demographic of "truth-seekers" willing to take action to raise awareness on the true cost of the fashion industry and ignite change. All the people who appeared in the campaign were existing members of the community - making the brand more approachable, authentic and real. WRÅD's Instagram page was used by multiple members of the community, narrating the behind the scenes in a very raw, direct and unfiltered way.

Project carried out as part of WRÅD Focus Design team.

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