Eutopian Manifesto

In a time in which Climate Anxiety is affecting our mental health and the scale at which change has to happen makes us fall into a state of apathy, how can we make people feel inspired and motivated to take action for a better future? The "Eutopian Manifesto" invites people to use science fiction's capacity to fuel the creative impulses and carry the torch for visions of progress, with the conviction that sharing them with others can provide a sense of purpose in itself.

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The Manifesto. 


Thinking about the future is hard.

It it stressful. Painful. Overwhelming.

The human brain does not want to face

the direction in which humanity is going.

But in the mists of all this panic and grief,

did we forget how to dream?
To live in balance with nature.
What could this world look like?
This future is possible, beautiful, exciting

and rich with opportunities.
Where do we go from here
and how do we get there?
Thinking about the future may be hard,

but dreaming about it, can save us.

This is our Eutopian Manifesto*

*please take dreaming seriously.

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Project carried out as part of Sheep Inc. creative team.