White Show is the leading Italian fashion trade show. WSM is their BTC event.   



To build and develop on the narrative of GIVE A FOK-us the sustainability Hub, presented for the first time during the February 2019 edition of White Show.  



To dive deeper into the relationship between the fashion industry and our planet by focusing on how it impacts our waters. 




The journey we created within WSM had the objective of building on the previous edition of GIVE A FOK-us and dive deeper into the relationship between the fashion industry and our planet. We did so by focusing on one of the five main areas of impact: the contamination of our waters. The fashion industry is directly responsible for the pollution of 20% of global waters, so, GIVE A FOK-us became GIVE A FOK-us Water. The aim was to help awaken in all of us a renewed sense of love towards our most precious resource, which we too often take for granted and which is now enormously threatened by the fashion system. WSM opened with Get in Sync Water, an immersive installation by Drawlight in which, through images, lights, reflections and sounds, people were transported into the heart of the ocean where plastic pollution is particularly evident. The sustainability narrative within WSM continued with a second installation that put under the spotlight an Italian yarn made from recovered fishing nets: Econyl. Finally, as you ventured deeper into the venue, a 10m tall "Denim Wave" introduced the conversation on the enormous impact of Denim on our environment. An installation of great visual impact, which represented a positive wave in the denim world - the fabric used for its realisation was the Re-Gen by Candiani, whose production reduces water and chemical consumption by 75% and 65% respectively. 

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Project carried out as part of WRÅD Focus Design team.