To create a sustainability hub within the White Show fashion trade show that would take visitors on a journey through fashion supply chains. The ultimate objective being to shine a light on the total disconnection between our values as human beings and the true cost of the clothes we wear everyday.



We created an experiential exhibition which allowed visitors to explore the relationship between themselves and Nature, Society and their Individual Values. We inspired in people a more profound self-awareness through art, technology and science.

We built an educational room in which the latest Fashion Revolution research was showcased. A space in which traceability and transparency were identified as pillars of an ethical and responsible fashion industry. The final rooms in the hub tried to offer tangible solutions and steps that both consumers, brands and manufacturers can adopt to do their part in accelerating the transition to a more conscious fashion system. From the use of blockchain technology to inspiring innovations in the textile industry. 

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The hub was so successful that the project was developed, scaled and presented also in the following 3 editions of White Show.
Press coverage included Sky News, LifeGate and Vogue.

Project carried out as part of WRÅD Focus Design team.