White Show is the leading Italian fashion trade show 



To create a sustainability hub within the White Show. The ultimate objective being to transform White in a point of reference for sustainable living. 



To create a journey to re-focus on the value that can be generated for our planet, society and humans by a more attentive fashion industry. 




The journey we created within the GIVE A FOKus Hub consisted of three stages, which explored the relationship between Fashion and Nature, Fashion and Society, Fashion and the Individual. First on the list, was SYNC, an immersive installation designed by DrawLight, a collective of artists who's aim is to inspire in people a more profound self-awareness through art, technology, creativity and science. SYNC put the visitors in the most suitable state of mind to rediscover themselves in relation with nature, society and themselves. Next was the Fashion Revolution Lounge, in this space the keywords were traceability and transparency, the two pillars of an ethical and responsible fashion industry. Today, in Europe, 4 people out 5 demand transparency in the supply chain. A transparency that technologies like block-chain - presented in this area by 1TrueID  - can streamline both in terms of management and communication to the end-users. In the third stage of the journey the spotlight was on some inspiring innovations in the textile industry. In the third stage of the journey the spotlight was on some inspiring innovations in the textile industry, the room was dedicated to the development of smart fabrics & fibres with a reduced environmental impact. 



Project carried out as part of WRÅD Focus Design team.