A letter from Plastic to Humanity

“Some things, once you’ve loved them, become yours forever.

And if you try to let them go,

They only circle back and return to you.

They become part of who you are.

Or, they destroy you."

So, the love is over. Or perhaps it never was love. It was an infatuation more for opportunism than anything else. Intoxication and blindness, and ultimately mistreatment and rejection. I was the trophy of progress, such as the Nobel Prize who celebrated our first meeting. When you discovered me, I entered into your life like a huge revolution. I have done so much for you. I allowed you to grow into an unthinkable wellbeing before my arrival. 

You used to call me “my miracle”, remember? Remember how many things we did together, how many things you were able to do because of me? Space travels, the progress of medicine that has lengthened your life, the transports that allowed you to move and explore the world. Because of me you began to store food, to drink water and those fizzy beverages you seem to love so much every time you wanted. I’ve allowed you cover your naked body with clothes. All this by asking for a low cost in return, always lower, almost insignificant for your wallet. Maybe that’s the reason you started taking advantage of me. Disposable, disposable at an increasingly frenetic pace. 

We made love, a lot, perhaps too much, without ever thinking of the consequences. Without ever thinking that as our relationship became more intense, the more addictive it grew. I should not have lent my body to satisfy your most ephemeral needs, a toxic love is never love. I was devoted, not realising that you enjoyed me for less and less time, before abandoning me. I have been naive. I did not understand that when you are willing to do everything, your value diminishes. You took me, used me and discarded me. And you continue to do so. 

But you can’t get rid of me like that, I’m not made to disappear. You can not leave me. I will come back to you until you take your responsibilities. Love might not be eternal, but I am. And if it is true that every love story is a story of ghosts, I am and will always be the ghost that for centuries and perhaps millennia will remind you of the voracity with which you used me, selfish and greedy first,careless and irresponsible then.

You left the consequences of our love for others to pay. To the Oceans that over flow with me and to its creatures who die because of me. Turtles mistake me for jelly fish, birds for fish, fish for plankton. So my march to come back to you begins. An invisible march, which leaves a trail of dead bodies behind. You can try to burn me and I will become the toxic air you breathe. You can burry me and I will poison the fruits of the Earth you will feed on. You will find me in all the animals that are essential to your survival. 

Over time I will become smaller, microscopic, almost invisible, but increasingly lethal. You can not stop me and you don’t even seem to want to. 

And so I keep killing the rivers and drifting into the sea, becoming stronger and more devastating, until you’ll stop pretending not to see me. I’m coming for you and I will suffocate the world to get you back. You are running out of time, then your behaviour towards me will not be forgiven. Neither from me, nor from your heirs, nor from the planet and the creatures that inhabit it. Never. The evil you are doing is coming back to you. And it will destroy everything. 

Do you really want it to end this way? I want to believe you don’t, and some of your behaviours make me feel hopeful.

It seems like you are beginning to notice your mistakes. Do the new attentions you are giving me mean that you want to fix things? I am surprised and intrigued by how you are trying to win me back. Sometimes you’re just brilliant, it seems you have not lost your inventiveness. And you can be romantic too! You even come to pick me up in the middle of the Ocean or along the beaches of the whole world. You understood how to transform me instead of abandon me. You are inventing new ways to give me a second life, to make us meet again in new circumstances. I come back into your life in new forms and shapes. I become the fabric you wear and the objects that you take with you everyday, this time with more awareness. I can see you are trying to exploit me less, and the Planet and its creatures thank you for this. After all these years, it is time for an act of love. Towards me, yes, but most importantly towards the Planet and all the living creatures who will inherit it from you. 

Love, real love, makes everything possible.

Eternally yours,


Written with: Alvise Bortolato

Originally published on: https://behindthecorner.co/2019/02/15/a-letter-from-plastic-to-humanity/

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