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Rock Experience is an established outdoor sports brand



To identify, develop and build a renewed brand voice to communicate effectively the commitment of Rock Experience to a more sustainable approach to business. 



Executing a full rebranding aimed at communicating the beginning of this journey and the adoption of technologies functional at narrating their commitment.




The journey we crafted for Rock Experience began with an important internal training to inform and educate on what the true cost of the fashion industry truly is and ensure the new direction the company was about to undertake was understood and shared by all stakeholders. We then proceeded with a rebranding - we transformed Rock Experience’s logo into a move forward icon, functional to communicate their commitment to move into the future with a renewed awareness and commitment to preserve that same environment that allows them to unlock their true identity; the outdoors. The first step towards lowering their environmental impact was through the introduction of a collection of jackets entirely made of recycled polyester, recovered from wasted plastic bottles. This collection was supported by blockchain technology through a NFC tag positioned inside the jacket, which allowed the final user to unlock the full supply chain of the item, traceing it all the way back to the manufacturer. The collection was presented at ISPO 2019 and represented the first step towards the adoption of more sustainable business practices. As the jacket itself states it is “a story that begins with you”. 


Project carried out as part of WRÅD Focus Design team.

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