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Client: SteriPen

Mass tourism accounts for over 60% of the total amount of plastic that enters in the Oceans. Indonesia in just one of the many desirable

holiday destinations to be under threat from plastic pollution. In these islands tap water is unsafe, forcing tourist to buy single use plastic

bottles, whichusually end up in the Ocean. SteriPen has developed a  UV water purifier that uses ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and

protozoan cysts purifying water safely and effectively.


Brief: SteriPen wants to enter in all travellers backpacks, drastically reducing the amounts of water bottles consumed by tourists, and therefore plastic pollution. 

Solution: Travellers realise the extent of plastic pollution only when they reach their destination and see it with their own eyes. Buying a SteriPen online becomes challenging when you are travelling Indonesia, as delivery services aren't too accurate. So we are educating tourists directly on the islands, giving them the opportunity to buy it from vending machines and meet new people by taking part in local beach cleanups.